How A Pharmacy Can Help You! 

While pharmacies are quite commonplace around the UK, many people don’t realise the great scope of everything they do. Many people believe a pharmacy is simply for dispensing medicine; while this is undoubtedly an important part of their role, they do much more.

A pharmacy is run by qualified healthcare professionals, which means they can offer medical/clinical advice. However, a pharmacy is typically only used for minor illnesses and ailments. If you have more serious symptoms, then you should go to a GP or other healthcare professional. In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at how a pharmacy can help you in more detail.

Help With Medicines 

A qualified pharmacist will have had five years of training, including professional medical training. This means they’ll be able to provide professional advice on medicines, including over-the-counter medicines as well.

Along with collecting your prescriptions, you’ll also normally be able to buy over-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol. You’ll also be able to dispose of any unneeded/out-of-date medicines at a pharmacy too.

Treatments/ Training 

One thing many people don’t realise they can do at a pharmacy is get medical help and treatments. A pharmacy will be able to give treatment advice for a wide range of minor illnesses and ailments like how best to treat something like a sore throat.

A pharmacy will also be able to help you ensure you take your medicine carefully and can even offer training for proper inhaler techniques. If you have any questions about medicines and how to take them, a pharmacy will likely be able to help you.

Repeat Prescriptions

Next, we have repeat prescriptions. If you get medicine annually through prescription, a pharmacy will serve as a collection point, and you can even arrange for repeat prescriptions. You may also, be able to arrange a home delivery for your prescriptions as well.