Nominate Your Pharmacy

Nominate Your Pharmacy
If you, like many people, order your prescriptions online then your prescription is usually sent electronically to any pharmacy of your choosing. This process is known as a nomination. We’ll outline the benefits of the process below.

When you nominate your pharmacy you will no longer need to collect any paper prescriptions. This will save you time and help ensure you don’t accidentally lose your prescription before taking it to the pharmacy.

You can change your nominated pharmacy at any time, although any outstanding prescriptions may still arrive at your earlier nomination in some cases. The nomination process is quick and easy and can be done through the official NHS app.

High street pharmacies will usually expect you to collect your prescription in person, however, some pharmacies do offer home delivery services. You may also be able to nominate an online pharmacy.

These pharmacies will send your prescription to you directly in the post. However, to select an online pharmacy you will first need to register with them through their website. You can’t nominate an online pharmacy directly through the NHS app.

Checking Your Nomination Status

  1. First log into the NHS App
  2. Go to the prescriptions tab.
  3. You should see your nominated pharmacy’s name.

If you haven’t yet nominated a pharmacy you should see a “choose a pharmacy” message. Simply click the message and you’ll be able to select a pharmacy from a list of available options.

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