Should I Still Wear A Face Mask?

While you could be forgiven for thinking things are back to normal these days, we are still in a pandemic and the threat of Covid-19 is still very real. But, many people have likely been asking themselves whether they need a face mask anymore.

Well, officially, face masks don’t need to be worn in many settings nowadays, although they are strongly recommended in crowded areas. Legally face masks are still required in healthcare settings such as GP surgeries, hospitals and care facilities.

Now while pharmacies aren’t mentioned, the vast majority of pharmacies will still ask customers to wear a face mask if they can. Many pharmacies will also be following social distancing as well to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Wearing A Face Mask At Work

Some employees, including many of the larger UK supermarkets, have asked employees to continue wearing masks. However, even if your employer isn’t making it mandatory, it’s highly likely you can continue to wear one if you wish.

Wearing a mask is recommended if you are mixing with people you don’t know or don’t often see, which is the case for many jobs. So, if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask and are able to, it should be encouraged.

Wearing A Mask On Public Transport 

Wearing a mask on public transport is heavily encouraged as you will likely be in close proximity to people you don’t know. Buses and trains can often seem quite crowded during peak times as well. Even if you don’t wear a mask or face covering at any other time, wearing one on public transport is likely to be beneficial.

Remember, the main reason to wear a face mask/ covering is to protect others. Although research does suggest, they may help protect you to a certain degree as well.